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See link at right for help..
Install unires.exe and it will look for and install you future updates!
If unires.exe is blocked from running, download main.upd to your c:\unires folder

Current patch is 11.4.484 as at 18th Dec. 2018. 
11.4.484 Fixed;  1. Error after stepping through post code.. 2. Reporting . Error opening reports ... Fixed.
11.4.43 Fixed:    : Booking Ledger not loading account. Fault introduced a few days ago. Sorry.
11.4.36 Update : Change sequence for booking "Days" - now is second field after Arrival.
11.4.36 Update : Reinstate missing Country field picker when making a new booking.
11.4.36 Uppdate: Australian States Capitalised eg. NSW ... not Nsw .

Note for the IT Savvy. 

Some PC's have problems letting the unires startup check for updates, possibly caused by file permissions, security or antivirus programs. A work-around is possible as explained, but if you are not sure, just phone support for assistance on 0409504678.

UniRes.exe is the main "startup" program which looks for a file called main.upd before starting the main.exe (Main UniRes executable). The startup program checks the version numbers between the .upd and the .exe . If the .upd file is a later version, the exitsing (not yet running) main.exe is renamed to <main.exe.bak> and then the updated unires file is renamed to main.exe and is then run. 

Some users have the main.exe as a shortcut to start UniRes, in this case, you will have to follow the previous text.