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Arcbase- UniRes
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Main Features of UniRes by Function

Multi Company and MultiCommand Centre
  • New Debtors Master, Create Invoices, Statements, Allocate Payments
  • Automatic Invoice Generation keeps Power/Water Separate from Site Fees 
  • New Multi-Book Ledger displays all bookings in a calendar format.
  • New - Easy Start Help Centre to facilitate new staff at front counter
  • Book any period of time (future, present and past times) 
  •  Book to the minute with with no double bookings. 
  •  Easy one key Check-Out (reversible) 
  •  Easy Booking Cancellations (non destructive & reversible) 
  •  Link Bookings to Control Accounts - corporate account management.
  •  .... and much more 
Supports CS-Technologies Evolution Software 2017 Version 2.04

SMS - Text Messaging Direct
Send SMS messages direct from your booking record using ClickSend
internet linking to all the Telco's . (Free account from Clicksend required - no ongoing monthly fees or setup fees.


  •  Group Booking - Manually or Automatically allocate sites to Tours - 
  •  Follow-me groups. 
  •  Link a group to Control Account 
  •  Define permissions and Special Charge rates to groups 
  •  Link and unlink any booking to a group. Central Billing to a selected Group Booking Leader account possible. 
  •  Reallocation of Group Leader possible 
  •  Link Group Bookings  
  •  Group or Single Booking Check-out. 
  • Two Option for display style 1. Name in Grid Square  2. Compact (B & b's for a long time period view)
  • Booking Ledger - Linear Calendar shows your bookings at a glance 
  • Book and Bill directly from the Booking Ledger 
  • Booking Ledger shows paid-up days and seasonal periods 
  • Print and Preview Capability for Booking Ledger 
  • Auto Security Check database Sample Screen 


Very fast booking screen. No convoluted lists to fill!

Account Sales - Store Transactions to account - Pay in full or part later.
  • Maintain separate Deposit Registers for Booking, Security and Amenities Key
(Note: For the Account Person)
Account Balance excludes Deposits which can be applied later as a credit to outstandings on departure. ie. Charges do not deplete a credit holding if deposits are taken as a deposit.
  •  Smart Invoice Line Entry style charge. Our system is NOT a list based charge system.
  •  Association Discount can be applied to Site charge.  
  •  Automatically works out a site fee over multiple seasons with proportional fee handling
  •  Flexible block sales for site fees. ie. 7 day purchase block discounted rate or X day (user defined) block.  
  •  Fully GST compliant including 50% rule (and 2001 Ruling changes)
  •  User defined tax rates - configurable for 50% rule and Input Taxed Long Term Rule 
  •  Fast Front Counter Receipting - Receipt Printers supported.
  •  User definable receipt layouts. Different site types,numbers,bookings can have their own receipt layouts.
  •  Sell Basic Stock Items by day or with weekly discounts 
  •  Mini Stock file sales respond to Bar Code Reader for fast POS Sales
  •  Direct Entry of Power and Water sales/usage
  •  User definable Adult/Child Charge on a per site basis. 
  •  Can Custom a fixed Charge Rate on a per booking basis. 
  •  Charge Rates definable for any site group 
  •  Print or Reprint receipts  - Email Receipts on the fly. (Can auto attach files to emails ie. Terms and Conditions etc)
  •  Uses built in CDO Email mail sending with HTML Mail Body. User definable body text with Mail Merge booking fields. 
  •  Prints Statements .. 4 Layouts ..
    • Statement of Outstandings
    • Power Usage
    • Water Usage
    • Selected on-screen Transactions
  •  Join / Merge or Move Bookings Easily
    • From the Book - Bill Screen or the Grid 
  • Allows split payment types Cash - Cheque EFTpos Debit/Credit payments
  • Send User-definable emails directly from screen (Confirmation, Cancellation etc.)
  • Send SMS's (Text Messages) directly from screen to clients mobile (Optional ClickSend account required)
  • Issue Boom Gate Cards/Keys - Requires third party software and hardware.
  • Key deposits can be auto excluded from client debtors ledger if required. 
 SMS (Text Message) integration 

SMS Gateway support* to seamlessly send SMS messages directly from UniRes bookings. Select from a user defined favourite message list the required message or type in your own. Messages are sent via your internet connection so you don't need a mobile phone connection. * SMS Gateway provider setup assist provided

  •  Rent Roll - Store charges and process multiple account billing in one session. 
  •  Recurring Sales Manager. Manage your recurring sales (billing)  
  •  Aged Analysis Report for Re-locatable Home Parks and Predominantly Long Term Parks. 
  •  Advanced Power Tariff Table Management suitable for all Power Charging methods around Australia. 
  •  Power Meter Bulk Billing - bill for power for all sites in one session. 
  •  Produce Power Statements with a professional look and full content detail. 
  •  Re-Age facility - rebalances & re-ages account transactions allocating payments to oldest transactions first. (For users updating from older UniRes versions) 
  •  Ageing selectable 7/14/30 days from user set ageing date. 
  •  Map of Park showing occupancy and overdue - Find anyone and show on map. 
  •  Book and Bill directly from Map 
  •  Map shows vacant sites 
  •  Map shows both Occupied and Booked Sites  
  • Keep track of any site which may need servicing. The Site Servicing Management screen shows which sites need cleaning an gives the operator full control over servicing status. You can selectively set which sites are to be included in the servicing schedule using the Site Numbering maintenance program. UniRes will flag sites which require servicing when a tenant checks-out.Print a Service Report for your cleaning staff. 

  •  Built-in Internet Remote Support capability (Internet Required).  
  •  Graphing - Graph your Site Night Sales. Monthly & Yearly Sales Comparisons. 
RECURRING SALES - rent rolls.
Email confirmations etc. of booking direct from UniRes. Full recording and logging.

  •  Prints Statements 
  •  Comprehensive Reporting 
  •  Sales Analysis - Post Codes - Market Code, New ... International Visitors Statistics. 
  •  Rangers Monthly Report 
  •  Cash Receipts Report 
  •  GST Collected Report 
  •  User Customisable Report Layouts  
  •  Multi-User Capable. Run UniRes on any number of terminals over your local Network and share data in real-time.* 
  •  Multi Company - manage any number of caravan parks as separate entities. (Limited by disk space of course.) Can set any company as the default company to open. 
  •  Easy remote setup of Multi-User Terminals* 
  •  Backup and Restore. Uses standard zip file format. Backup to removable or fixed storage devices. Backups can be verified.  
  •  Backup/Restore Log. UniRes keeps a viewable record of your backup and restore operations performed with the UniRes backup system. 
  •  Company Selection directly from the Command Centre Window 
Comprehensive on-line WEB based help documentation provided. 
  • Post Code Finder 
  • Cash Receipts Report Utility 
  • Renumber Sites 
  • View Backup History 
  • Rebuild / Validate Data 
  • Repair Booked-To Date 
  • Check Paid-To dates 
  • Delete Activity Log 
  • Validate Bookings 
  • Regular Cleanup 
  • Reinstate Archived Bookings 
  • Archive Long Term Residents Transactions 
  • Activity Log Viewer 
  • Last Letter Info 
  • Letter History 
  • User definable backgrounds
   and much more ...
New! SMS Feature Overview